Castillo Negro – A Cabin Enriched with History

Delve into the unique history of the Castillo Negro shipwreck while staying at our Castillo Negro cabin at Runde Panorama, crafted to reflect its storied past.

Welcome to "Castillo Negro". This cottage carries a unique story of the shipwreck of Castillo Negro.  With five sleeping spots, this cabin offers an intimate retreat, perfect for a family of five.

The stunning location provides an impressive backdrop for this beautiful cabin. "Castillo Negro" creates a sense of intimate luxury, while the elegant colors and Ekornes furniture contribute to an atmosphere of effortless refinement.

Immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere that "Castillo Negro" offers - a true treasure that invites you to create your own memories. 

Make your reservation now and become part of the exclusive experience at Runde Panorama.

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  • 69 m²
  • Main bedroom: 180x200
  • Second bedroom: 150x200
  • Third bedroom: 90x200
  • Bathroom
  • Flat-screen w/apple tv
  • Fireplace
  • Free wifi
  • Check-inn via app
  • Linen included
  • Cleaning

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