Sea Experience – explore the Waters Around Runde

Join our sea experience for an unforgettable sea journey around Runde. Choose between a flexible taxi boat, an exciting RIB tour, or a serene trip on the passenger boat MB Olden to see the bird mountain and learn about the legendary Runde Treasure

Experience Runde from the Sea

Join us for unforgettable boat trips. They give you a unique opportunity to explore the island’s beautiful coastline from a completely new perspective, experiencing its rich maritime history and vibrant wildlife. The Sea Experience takes you on guided tours where you get to see Runde from the seaside. The tours take you past iconic landmarks like Runde Lighthouse and give you the chance to see the famous bird mountain where thousands of seabirds reside. You will learn about the island's fascinating history, including the famous Runde Treasure found nearby, and hear exciting stories about ships that have wrecked around Runde over the ages.

A Guided Tour to Runde

Join us for an exciting RIB tour around Runde. This tour offers not only a unique perspective of the bird mountain from the seaside but also takes you past Runde Lighthouse. Along the way, a knowledgeable guide will share stories about the mysterious Runde Treasure and the historical events related to this spectacular place.

Get Close to the Birds

For a more comfortable and intimate experience, join the passenger boat MB Olden. This tour takes you close to the impressive bird mountain on Runde, where you can experience one of Norway’s most fascinating bird lives up close. MB Olden offers a calm and comfortable way to see and learn about the birds and their natural habitat, making this tour ideal for nature and bird enthusiasts.

Your Flexible Sea Taxi

Our Sea Experience also offers a customized and personal sea journey with the taxi boat HAVBLIKK. This service is perfect for up to 12 passengers who wish to explore Sunnmøre from the seaside. Whether you're after a tailor-made fishing trip, want to capture moments through a photo tour, or desire a guided tour to the famous bird mountain and surrounding area, HAVBLIKK is ready to meet your needs.

Explore Runde’s Coastline

Whether you're an avid birdwatcher, photographer, or just looking for a content-rich day on the water, Havopplevelse has something to offer. Experience everything from quiet moments and storytelling on the open sea to bustling wildlife and guided tours with educational stops at historical sites. The boats are well-equipped to handle various sea conditions, and the experienced guides ensure that you have a safe and informative experience. Don't miss the chance to see Runde from a completely new perspective. Join Havopplevelse for a day filled with adventure, history, and unforgettable surroundings, and get the opportunity to experience Runde from the sea.

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