M/S Kleppfisk 2 – Maritime Adventures on Runde

Set sail with M/S Kleppfisk 2 for an unforgettable journey through the beautiful archipelago of Sunnmøre. From historic fishing villages to fjord fishing and guided tours, with M/S Kleppfisk you can explore Runde's coastline and dive into maritime adventures.

Explore Sunnmøre’s Majestic Archipelago

M/S Kleppfisk 2 offers unique tours around Sunnmøre’s rich coastline, where you can explore ancient fishing villages and trading places from a time when the sea route was the lifeline of the region. Traveling by boat gives you fast access to hidden gems along the coast that are often inaccessible by car. M/S Kleppfisk 2 takes on assignments upon request, from fishing trips in the fjord for tourists and enthusiasts, to custom guided tours in the beautiful coastal and fjord areas of Sunnmøre.

An Unforgettable Maritime Journey

With M/S Kleppfisk 2, you can join an unforgettable trip on a traditional boat that takes you on a journey through the archipelago’s rich maritime nature full of memorable experiences. This classic fishing boat offers both locals and visitors a unique opportunity to explore the coastline and nearby islands. From the moment you step aboard M/S Kleppfisk 2, you will feel the fjord's whisper. The boat is equipped with modern conveniences for guests' comfort, including bunks, toilet, fresh water, refrigerator, and cooking facilities.

Sightseeing and Fishing Trips

Join from the outermost sea gap and sail through the enchanting archipelago with small islands and islets, and further into deep fjords surrounded by majestic mountains. Each stop is a new opportunity to explore and experience the region’s beautiful landscapes and great surroundings. For fishing enthusiasts, we offer trips based in Ulsteinvik, where it is a short distance to excellent fishing areas. Although we cannot guarantee a catch, we promise an unforgettable nature experience that creates lasting memories for both young and old.

Transport to Northwestern Norway’s Best Mountain Hikes

M/S Kleppfisk 2 is also your springboard to some of the best mountain hikes in Northwestern Norway. We take you to the starting points for famous mountain hikes like Urkeegga, Saksa, Slogen, Rundefjellet, Godøyfjellet, Rørsethornet, and Vikefjellet, where you can experience some of Norway’s most spectacular views.

Experience Sunnmøre with M/S Kleppfisk

M/S Kleppfisk 2 is not just a mode of transportation; it is a bridge to unique experiences at sea along the Norwegian coast. The tours are perfect for all ages and provide good fishing opportunities for both experienced and inexperienced fishermen. Whether you're looking for a calm and beautiful day at sea, an active day of fishing, want to experience the local wildlife up close, or take on a challenging mountain hike, M/S Kleppfisk 2 offers a journey that will surely enrich your visit to Runde. Welcome aboard to experience the beautiful archipelago and the rich wildlife of Sunnmøre!

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