Experience Runde - Rundeskatten

Join us on a guided tour and delve into the history of Europe's largest coin find, Rundeskatten. Learn about the shipwrecked treasures and gain insights into the island's rich marine environment and birdlife. Experience Runde's history and unique nature up close.

Explore the Treasures of Runde with Runde Miljøsenter

Dive into the history of Europe's largest coin find, Rundeskatten, through an exciting guided tour at Runde Miljøsenter. Get acquainted with the dramatic events surrounding the shipwreck of Akerendam in 1725, and explore the treasure that was hidden under the sea surface for nearly three centuries. This tour not only gives you insight into the historical events but also a unique opportunity to glimpse the treasure that was found, as well as an insight into the island's unique nature and wildlife.

Puffin Safari

The tour starts with the screening of the film "Silver of the Sea," which introduces you to Runde's rich marine environment and the island's fascinating maritime history. Then, the experienced guide will lead you through the exhibition, where you get closer insights into the island's bird species and the environmental challenges they face. This is an ideal experience for nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers, and those planning a hike on Rundefjellet.

Customized Tours for Everyone

The guided tour at Runde Environmental Centre is available year-round for everyone aged 6 and up and can be customized for different groups upon request. This makes each tour personal and engaging, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and learn from dedicated experts. Tickets for the guided tour can be purchased in the café at Runde Environmental Centre.

Runde - A Treasure Chest Full of History and Nature

Make sure to visit the Runde Environmental Centre for a comprehensive and exciting tour that combines natural history and wildlife with hidden treasures from the past. Runde is not just a place with beautiful surroundings but also a place with rich stories to tell, like the story of the Runde Treasure. Get ready for an educational and inspiring experience full of history, nature, and adventure on Runde. Explore the hidden treasures this unique island has to offer.

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