Visit Herøy Gard

Visit Herøy Gard, one of the key sites along the Coastal Pilgrim Route, and experience spiritual history and peace at one of Norway’s oldest and most venerable sites.

Historical Pilgrimage Site at Herøy Gard

Herøy Gard stands out as an important stop along the historic Coastal Pilgrim Route, where pilgrims have traveled for centuries. This peaceful site offers visitors a chance to experience both history and spirituality deeply rooted in Norwegian cultural heritage.

Stone Church

The main attraction at Herøy Gard is the ruins of the old stone church, a pilgrimage destination that fascinates visitors as it continues to evoke wonder and offers a unique connection to the past. Behind the main house, you will find the small stone house, a refuge where pilgrims have historically sought shelter and peace. Inside the stone house, there are simple benches where you can sit down and reflect, shielded from the weather. The stone house also contains a specially crafted prayer that invites visitors to delve into the site’s spiritual heritage. This is an ideal stop for those seeking peace in their spiritual journey or wishing to experience a part of Norway’s cultural and historical landscape.

Coastal Pilgrim Route: From Selje to Nidaros

Herøy is a crucial point on the journey along the Coastal Pilgrim Route, with Selje as the first stopping point south of Herøy, and Giske and Borgund northward towards Nidaros. From Herøy, you can also take a trip through Storfjorden and along Valldalsleia, which offers spectacular nature and further historical sights.

Get a Pilgrim's Passport for Your Journey

Pilgrim passports are available for purchase at the Coastal Museum and the church office in Fosnavåg, providing a unique opportunity to document your journey along this historic route. This passport is not only a souvenir of the journey but also a practical way to collect stamps and information along the way.

Visit Herøy Gard on the Coastal Pilgrim Route

Make your way to Herøy Gard for a chance to walk in the pilgrims' footsteps, find inner peace, and explore the deep history that has shaped this beautiful landscape. Here, you can experience a part of Norway’s rich pilgrimage history in an atmosphere marked by historical significance and spiritual reflection.

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