Explore Runde by Boat with Rundøy

Join a guided boat tour around Runde and experience the island's unique wildlife and stunning landscapes from the water. Perfect for nature and photography enthusiasts!

Explore Runde by Boat

Join us on an unforgettable journey around the spectacular island of Runde. This guided tour takes you along the coastline, where you can experience the island's magnificent nature and rich wildlife from a completely new perspective. An experienced guide will lead you through the island’s maritime history, as you glide past idyllic settings and rich wildlife.

A Tour for Everyone

This tour is perfect for nature lovers, photography enthusiasts, and anyone looking to see Runde from a different angle. The traditional and charming boat ensures a comfortable journey, regardless of weather conditions. Experience Runde from the sea and get a unique view of the island. With Rundøy, you get a safe and informative tour that will undoubtedly be a highlight of your stay. The tour is perfectly suited for all ages and provides a deeper understanding of the island's unique ecology and culture.

Experience Runde from the Sea with Rundøy

Join us on an unforgettable guided tour around the bird island Runde. Discover the island's hidden treasures and impressive landscapes while an experienced guide leads you through an adventure of culture, nature, and wildlife. This guided tour takes you through dramatic coastlines and lush landscapes, where you get to see and learn about the rich wildlife, including the famous bird mountain that is home to thousands of seabirds. Along the way, the guide will share insights about the island's fascinating history, from ancient shipwrecks to legendary treasure finds. On the sea is the ideal way to experience and see Runde.

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